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2019 Queen Production

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I am observing high overwintering success with my colonies this year!!  I have already started feeding pollen patties in an effort to boost brood rearing, and will be equalize colonies by brood sharing when conditions allow (probably in early to mid April).


There are likely a number of reasons why a high percentage of colonies are looking healthy at the tail end of winter this year, but genetically related traits (that is behaviors expressed by colonies that can be passed down through generations by breeding) are part part of the equation.  These are population level "strengths' that help bees survive in Alaska, and are one that we want to harness locally thorough breeding.

I will discuss this in more detail in the overwintering section.


Queens produced from strong locally overwintered colonies produce colonies that carry beneficial overwintering traits. 


The goal is to develop a genetically diverse and sustainable population. 



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